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Floor to Ceiling Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Floor to Ceiling partitions:

  • Recommended for rooms with low to medium height ceilings where additional stability is desired.
  • Maximum recommended Floor to Ceiling height of 120″.
  • Requires backing in the ceiling.
  • Not compatible with suspended ceilings.
  • Investigate Floor to Ceiling options in our Configurator.

Material Options

Floor to Ceiling components are available from the following materials:

Product Options

Floor to Ceiling components can be accented with the following product options:


Things to note about Floor to Ceiling partitions:

  • Some materials are not appropriate in wet areas.
  • Specific cleaning requirements vary by material.
  • Material availability may affect lead times.
  • Some layout configurations are incompatible with Floor to Ceiling bathrooms.
  • Job site handling should be minimized.
  • Ceiling heights over 10’ may preclude installation of a Floor to Ceiling system.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Floor to Ceiling partitions provide an extra measure of stability in restrooms with ceiling heights of ten feet or less. Even if extra stability is not required, this style can be used to fulfill the overall design objectives of a room.

The ten-foot height recommendation stems from the fact that at heights over ten feet, some pilaster configurations may begin to flex. The height at which flexing can occur depends on the particular material being used.

Installation of Floor to Ceiling partitions requires backing in the ceiling. This backing can be wood, but it must be structurally anchored.

This style is not compatible with suspended ceilings.


If you have further questions about Floor to Ceiling partitions, Contact Us or see our Floor to Ceiling Tech Data sheet.