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Wood Veneer Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Wood Veneer Partitions:

  • Domestic and exotic species available.
  • Finish options include color match based on control sample from customer.
  • Flat, quarter, rift or rotary (half-round) cuts produce grain patterns ranging from variegated to straight.
  • Environmentally sustainable hardwood sources.
  • Not suitable for high abuse or humid environments.
  • Vertical grain orientation is standard; horizontal orientation also available.

Veneer Options

Available Wood Veneer Species:

  • Alder
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Red Oak
  • Walnut
  • White Oak

Many other domestic and exotic wood species are also available.

Finish Options

Available Wood Veneer Finishes:

  • Color matched to customer provided sample.
  • Clear coat

Product Options

Wood Veneer components can be enhanced by adding any of the following:


Things to note about Wood Veneer Partitions:

  • Many cleaning solutions are not appropriate for finished veneer partitions.
  • Design complexity will likely impact lead times.
  • Wood Veneer partitions are not warrantied in wet areas.
  • Anticipated traffic and abuse should be considered.
  • Wood colors and grains may vary significantly.
  • Finishes often fade with age and UV exposure; replacement finishes may not match.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Wood Veneer can be used to create warm, beautiful bathroom partition designs. Domestic species such as cherry, maple, and walnut are available. Exotic species, such as mahogany and wenge are also available. Our hardwood suppliers use environmentally responsible practices to harvest and replenish their products. See our species chart for more options.

Veneers can be cut in many ways to produce different patterns from the wood. Cutting options include rotary, half-round, quarter, rift (for oak), and plain (also called flat or crown). See our species chart for examples of these cuts and the patterns they produce.

Veneers can also be arranged in many different ways to display the desired features of the wood. Veneer sheets can be book-matched, slip-matched, swing-matched, plank-matched, or specialty-matched (herringbone, diamond, etc.).


Ironwood uses high quality stains and top coats to finish our Wood Veneer partitions. We can match the color and finish specified for most designs. The best way to ensure a match is to send a sample of the desired wood, stain, and finish. If not possible, standard species and finish charts can be used to specify your needs. Contact Us about sending samples or for assistance in selecting the best veneer characteristics for your design.

If a particular wood species is desired but not within budget, it is possible to value engineer other veneers with a similar grain to imitate a more exotic species. Due to great progress in Plastic Laminate (HPL) finishes, a wood grain HPL may also be a good value engineered option for some designs.


If you have further questions about wood veneer partitions, Contact Us or see our Wood Veneer Tech Data sheet.