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Dressing Compartment Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Dressing Compartment Partitions:

  • Domestic and exotic natural species available.
  • Enhanced Zero Sightline and European style privacy options are available.
  • Product options include LouverDoor LiteMoldingEngraving and more.
  • Used for public as well as private venues including retail stores, schools, gyms, pools and sports facilities.
  • Flat, quarter, rift, or rotary (half-round) cuts produce grain patterns ranging from variegated to straight.
  • Environmentally sustainable hardwood sources.
  • Not suitable for high abuse or humid environments

Material Options

Dressing Compartments are available in the following materials:

Product Options

Dressing Compartments can be accented with the following product options:


Things to note about Dressing Compartment partitions:

  • Some materials are not appropriate in wet areas.
  • Specific cleaning requirements vary by material.
  • Material availability may affect lead times.
  • Job site handling should be minimized.
  • Some common chemicals (ex: chlorine) can affect hardware finish.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Ironwood Dressing Compartments present a wide range of design opportunities. For example, a simple material choice like Wood Veneer or Stone can dramatically change a Dressing Compartment’s look.

Other design options include our Zero Sightline privacy doors, which eliminate the gap between partition doors and pilasters. Additionally, LouverMolding and Engraving options are available.

The following industry standard styles are available for Dressing Compartments:

Hardware options, such as custom door pulls, continuous hinges and powder coat, are also available to enhance a compartment’s design.


If you have further questions about Dressing Compartments, Contact Us.