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All Gender Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for All Gender partitions:

  • Doors and panels can be built to within 1″ of the floor.
  • Transoms and panels can be built to within 1″ of the ceiling.
  • Includes Ironwood’s Zero Sightline feature, eliminating door gaps.
  • Configured with supporting floor pedestals.
  • Can be combined with other upgrades, such as MoldingLouverDoor Lite, bracket covers, etc.
  • Investigate All Gender options in our Configurator.

Material Options

All Gender partitions are available from the following materials:

Product Options

All Gender partitions can be accented with the following product options:


Things to note about All Gender partitions:

  • Extending panels and transoms to the ceiling may impact lighting and fire suppression requirements of a restroom.
  • Local building and ADA codes should be reviewed for compliance with this system due to the minimal floor and ceiling clearances.
  • Some materials are not appropriate in wet areas.
  • Specific cleaning requirements vary by material.
  • Material availability may affect lead times.
  • Some layout configurations and styles are incompatible.
  • Job site handling should be minimized.
  • Wider pilasters will require two pedestals.

In Depth Info

Design Details

The All Gender (or Gender Neutral) partition system is a good choice in locations that need the highest levels of privacy in a restroom. With this system, the doors, Transoms, and panels are manufactured to custom heights to come very close to the floors and ceilings.

All Gender partitions include our Zero Sightline privacy option, creating an even more private experience.

They can be combined with other upgrades, such as MoldingLouver or enhanced hardware. As an example, an All Gender partition might enable the use of an Engraving or Inlay which would not fit on a standard design.

All Gender partitions are configured with adjustable floor pedestals which allows the partition components to come very close to the floor, while still allowing for floor variation adjustments.


If you have further questions about All Gender partitions, Contact Us or see our All Gender Tech Data sheet.