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Custom Shape Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Custom Shape partitions:

  • Doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens can be custom specified to almost any shape.
  • Material strength and safety concerns result in design limits, such as minimum curve radius.
  • Privacy and accessibility issues may constrain some features, such as floor clearance.
  • All materials except stone can be used for Custom Shape.
  • Investigate Custom Shape options in our Configurator.

Material Options

Custom shape partitions can be created from a wide variety of materials, including the following:


Things to note about Custom Shape partitions:

  • Design complexity will likely impact lead times.
  • Some materials are not appropriate for wet areas.
  • Additional cleaning care may be required.
  • Specific cleaning requirements vary by material.
  • Minimum outside radius is 8” (laminated) and 1/2” (non-laminated)
  • For maximum flexibility consider using non-laminated materials such as Compact LaminateSolid Plastic or Solid Surface.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Partition components can have more than just straight lines! Doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens may be custom specified to whatever shape(s) meet your needs. Custom Shape can enhance a design, emphasize a theme, meet an architectural need and more.

Custom Shape designs do have some constraints to keep in mind. For example, material strength limitations and safety concerns result in minimum curve radius requirements which vary, depending on the materials. In cases where sharp curves or narrow cuts are desired, alternatives such as Engraving or Inlay could be considered to achieve a similar effect.

Hardware considerations require hinge and latch points be straight edges.

Privacy should be considered in the specification of shapes near hinge and latch points. The clearance between partition components and the restroom floor should not be excessive. On the other hand, accessibility requirements impose minimum clearance heights. Contact Us to determine applicable requirements and what will work best for your design.

Detailed descriptions of the shapes to be manufactured should be supplied in DXF or DWG file format. Other formats, such as high-resolution AI, CDR, GIF, or JPEG, are also accepted with an additional charge to cover the conversion. The amount of this charge depends on the source file format and the level of detail in the shape(s). Contact Us to determine conversion rates if you cannot provide DXF or DWG versions of your design.


If you have further questions about Custom Shape partitions, please Contact Us.