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Custom Laminate Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Custom Laminate partitions:

  • Customization can be applied to Plastic Laminate and Compact Laminate.
  • Any image or pattern is possible: a solid color, a picture of your pet or your mission statement.
  • Alternative method for designs that are too complex or detailed to be done with Engraving or Inlay.
  • Investigate Custom Laminate options in our Configurator.

Custom Laminate Options


Custom Laminate materials are available from the following suppliers:

Customization Sources

Custom Laminate designs can originate with the following options:

  • Photos
  • Drawings
  • Graphic designs
  • Text
  • Logos

Product Options

Custom Laminate can be accented with the following upgrades:


Things to note about Custom Laminate partitions:

  • Laminate is not appropriate in wet areas.
  • Proper consideration should be given to cleaning requirements.
  • Sample approval time is in addition to manufacturing lead times.
  • Some styles and layout configurations are not compatible.
  • File formats, transfer methods and drawing types can vary by manufacturer.
  • Full sheet indexing is not available.
  • Job site handling should be minimized.
  • Permission to use images and graphics are required.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Custom Laminate materials are an excellent way to tailor partitions to your design needs. Anything from unique colors to kindergarten masterpieces to detailed instructions on using the facilities can be printed in Custom Laminate.

This option is available for partitions manufactured from Plastic Laminate or Compact Laminate.

Vector-based file formats, such as .ai or .eps, are strongly preferred since they scale without loss of resolution. In order to ensure the desired colors are being used, Ironwood will send client a printed sample of the design before manufacturing begins.

Some finishes may not be available for Custom Laminate, depending on the vendor.

Scanned images will be enlarged, so minimum resolution requirements apply. Generally, images should be at least 200 dpi, but requirements vary by vendor so please contact us about the specifics of your image(s).

Clients must have clear rights to use all images, patterns or colors used for Custom Laminate.

Other options, such as Engraving or Custom Shape, have limitations that do not apply to printed images. As a result, Custom Laminate may be a good alternative for detailed patterns.

Contact Us before sending any images so we can help ensure correct processing.


If you have further questions about Custom Laminate partitions, Contact Us or see our Custom Laminate Tech Data sheet.