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Louver Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Louver partitions:

  • Available in Wood VeneerCompact Laminate and Plastic Laminate.
  • Wood options for louver partitions include domestic and exotic species.
  • Wide plantation-style slats are used for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Finish options include stain, clear coat and color-matched painted louvers.
  • True stile and rail construction.
  • Mid rails are optional on standard size doors and included on larger doors.
  • Investigate Louver options in our Configurator.

Material Options

Door Materials

Ironwood Louver doors are available in Wood VeneerCompact Laminate and Plastic Laminate. Doors can be stained, finished clear or painted based on control sample.

Panel and Pilaster Materials

Panels and pilasters with Louver doors can be built from any of our available materials, including Stone and Solid Surface.


Things to know about Louver partitions:

  • Slats longer than 28” are not recommended without a mid stile.
  • Custom door configurations are available.
  • Hardware available in chrome, brushed stainless and powder coat.
  • Louver doors may not be suitable for extreme high traffic areas.
  • Variances between wood louver slats and laminate finishes are expected.
  • On site repairs to wood finish may be difficult.
  • Slats may require additional cleaning care.
  • Many cleaning solutions are not appropriate for wood louvers and Wood Veneers.
  • Only Compact Laminate louver doors are appropriate for wet areas.
  • Mixed material options could include veneer doors with Stone or Solid Surface panels and pilasters.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Louver door slats in wide plantation style are nominally 2.25” wide. Standard door stiles are 5.25″ wide. Top rails are 5.25″ high and bottom rails are 7″ high. Custom stile and rail dimensions, as well as an additional mid rail, can also be specified by Contacting Us.

Louver partitions can be configured as Headrail BracedFloor to CeilingFloor Mount or Ceiling Hung partitions. Sizes available in StandardAll Gender and Full Height. Additionally, Louver partitions can be accented with MoldingEngraving or Inlay.


Louver components are available in Wood VeneerCompact Laminate and LaminateCompact Laminate Louver doors are needed for high-humidity environments.

Wood species options include flat cut cherry, maple, walnut and almost any commercially available Wood Veneers.


Louver partitions can be clear coated, stained and top coated, or painted. Clear coating can allow the natural beauty of a wood or wood veneer to stand out, but it can also highlight imperfections that may be present in natural woods. Stains and paint colors can be selected from the Paint Colors Chart or custom finishes can be specified by Contacting Us.


Ironwood Louver doors are built using stile and rail construction. The Louvers insert into the stiles in a fixed and slightly open position with sufficient overlap to guarantee privacy.


If you have further questions about Louver partitions, Contact Us or see our Louver Tech Data sheet.