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Molding Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Molding partitions:

  • Molding can be added to components to significantly upgrade the look of a partition.
  • Molding can be painted, stained or made from patterned material (square profile only) to meet your design needs.
  • Molding can be selected with standard or custom profiles.
  • Any shapes with straight edges, such as rectangles or diamonds, can be used.
  • Multiple shapes can accent components.
  • Investigate Molding options in our Configurator.

Material Options

Molding can be made using:

Molding can be finished with the following:

  • Stain
  • Paint

Molding Profiles

Molding can have the following profiles:


Things to note about Molding partitions:

  • Molding may require additional cleaning care.
  • Many cleaning solutions are not appropriate for real wood or painted Molding.
  • On site repairs to molding can be difficult.
  • Wood Molding is not guaranteed in wet areas.
  • If used, interior panel Molding may interfere with toilet accessory mountings.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Molding can be added to any partition components.

For Wood Veneer partitions and wood grain Plastic Laminates, the Molding is made of hardwood stained to match the component.

For solid color components, Molding is painted to match.

Patterned components can also be accented with a rectangular profile Molding made of the same material.

Molding can be used to create straight-edged geometric shapes, such as rectangles, diamonds or triangles. Multiple shapes can be arranged on a single piece.

Molding is attached to partition components using an adhesive process.


If you have further questions about Molding, Contact Us or see Molding Tech Data sheet.