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Inlay Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Inlay partitions:

  • Available for partitions made with Wood VeneerSolid SurfaceCompact Laminate and Plastic Laminate.
  • Renderings in DXF or DWG file formats are preferred; other formats may incur file conversion costs.
  • Inlays can be any standard geometric shape.
  • Minimum Inlay dimensions are 6” wide and 6″ tall.
  • Best results are realized using same-thickness materials.
  • Investigate Inlay options in our Configurator.

Material Options

Inlay accents can be made from:


Things to note about Inlay partitions:

  • Inlay may require additional cleaning care.
  • Many cleaning solutions are not appropriate for real wood.
  • Design complexity will likely impact lead time.
  • Best results are realized using same thickness materials.
  • Inlay doors are not warrantied in wet areas.
  • As complexity of Inlay increases, consideration should be given to using custom prints.
  • Typical minimum radius is 1/4” but may vary by material.
  • Inlay should be standard geometric shape(s).

In Depth Info

Design Details

Inlay is manufactured by cutting the materials to within 0.001” tolerance of the specified design. This results in no visual gap, but the seal between the pieces cannot be guaranteed to be water-tight. As a result, Inlay partitions should not be used in high-humidity environments or where partitions are cleaned by applying water or other liquids directly.

Inlay can be in any standard geometric shape and must be at least 6” wide and 6” tall. Inlay patterns should be supplied in DXF or DWG file format. Other formats, such as high-resolution AI, CDR, GIF, or JPEG, are also accepted with an additional charge to cover the conversion cost to DXF or DWG. The amount of this charge depends on the source file format and the level of detail in the Inlay. Contact Us to determine conversion rates if you cannot provide DXF or DWG versions of your design.


Inlay can be added to the front or back of doors and panels manufactured from Solid SurfaceWood VeneerCompact Laminate or Plastic Laminate.

Inlay accents do not affect style options (such as Headrail Braced) or size options.


If you have further questions about Inlay, Contact Us or see our Inlay Tech Data sheet.