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Solid Plastic Partitions

General Info

Features and guidelines for Solid Plastic partitions:

  • Impact resistant.
  • Well-suited for areas subject to vandalism and abuse as well as high moisture-content areas.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Does not mar easily.
  • Investigate Solid Plastic options in our Configurator.

Solid Plastic Options

Solid Plastic partitions are available from the following materials:

  • Ironwood HDPE
  • Yemm & Hart 100% Post-Consumer HDPE

Product Options

Solid Plastic partitions can be accented with the following product options:


Things to note about Solid Plastic partitions:

  • Proper consideration should be given to cleaning requirements.
  • Ceiling Hung and Floor Mount styles are not available in Solid Plastic.
  • Material availability may affect lead times.
  • Some layout configurations and styles are incompatible.
  • Job site handling should be minimized.
  • Material must be stored flat.

In Depth Info

Design Details

Solid Plastic partitions are often used for their rugged characteristics. They do not easily mar or dent. Solid Plastic is also homogeneous, so scratches and minor damage are often not noticeable. Most stains, including inks, can be removed with common cleansers. These properties make Solid Plastic a good option for locations subject to vandalism or abuse.

Solid Plastic’s moisture resistance makes it a good material for wet areas. It also allows the direct application of liquid cleaners, which can reduce cleaning time.

These partitions come in eight standard colors. Upgrade options expand this range to more than 60 colors and patterns.

Standard Solid Plastic partitions are manufactured from 100% post-consumer products. Non-post-consumer Solid Plastics are also available.

Standard Solid Plastics are class C/3 fire rated. Class B/2 fire rated plastics are also available as an upgrade, but only in limited colors.

Solid Plastic partitions cannot be Floor Mount or Ceiling Hung due to the material’s physical characteristics.


If you have further questions about Solid Plastic partitions, Contact Us or see our Solid Plastic Tech Data sheet.