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A meticulously designed bathroom sketch designed with a toilet partition configurator, ensuring the maintenance of design intent.
  |  Jan 09, 2024 

Maintaining Design Intent – Even with Toilet Partitions


Michael Cozart

The construction process is filled with layers of technical data and specification requirements. Transitioning design intent from concept to a construction document with sound engineering considerations is difficult. Revisions become tedious but are an expected part of the process. This often leads to compromises in the design, specifically regarding toilet partitions. 

When it comes to toilet partitions, the mood can shift as they either meet or fall short of the design intent of the restroom. They are often one of the last pieces of the puzzle, seen as an accessory to the story rather than part of it. A properly planned partition can complement even the most unique designs

A bathroom with red and pink floral wallpaper, maintaining design intent even with the toilet partition.

This year, design every part of your project with ease. We have launched a new self-service toilet partition configurator that will give you all the supporting documents to engineer a toilet stall that will complement the rest of your design. Allowing you to get back to other portions of your project with fewer revisions. 

A screen displaying Ironwood manufacturing's toilet partition configurator tool.,

This designer tool is simple to use select your material, door style, height, privacy level, mounting style, and hardware. If you need assistance customizing your project, a personal consultation is available upon request with one of our bathroom partition design experts

Within seconds, the tool will provide a sketch, budget pricing, tech data sheets, a cut sheet, and special considerations for use with your internal or external project presentations. This provides an effective means for you to convey product information in detail without miscommunication. 

A design rendering of a bathroom with toilet partitions, cut sheet and tech data sheets.
After choosing your options, data will be quickly available.
A diagram of typical floor to ceiling mounting detail found within a tech data sheet.
A typical floor to ceiling mounting detail found within a tech data sheet.

You can add our configurator to your toolbelt here and start receiving the benefits of a quicker toilet partition design process. Rest assured that whatever option you select will have the sound engineering required to not only maintain your design intent, but also satisfy any other construction requirements your project may have. 

Currently have a unique project in hand?
Sometimes a custom design may reach beyond the scope of our configurator, drawings and specifications can be uploaded here for a quote.