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A diagram illustrating an Ironwood element series Restroom Partition cutsheet and finished product.
  |  Feb 07, 2024 

Ironwood Element Series: High-Quality, Customizable Restroom Partitions

Ironwood Element Series: High-Quality, Customizable Restroom Partitions


Michael Cozart

Since 1972, Ironwood Manufacturing has been well known for being a “made-to-order” toilet partition fabricator. Filling an industry desire for extraordinary designs and solutions that fulfill unique design demands. While appreciated for their level of personalization and craftmanship, this approach can be a challenge to clearly specify, leading to compromises and rework later in the design process. 
As Ironwood continues to evolve, their mission remains unchanged – to deliver top-tier, innovative solutions that meet design needs without compromise. To achieve this, Ironwood is introducing their element series, a new line of easily specifiable configurations with sound engineering in mind.

What is The Element Series? 

Ironwood’s element series of toilet partitions offers a thoughtfully curated selection of options designed to maintain the quality and sound engineering of the most popular features with minimal revision or rework. That’s not to say the element series limits options, each element series product includes a variety of privacy level, door style, hardware, height, mounting style, and materials to choose from. 

Each combination of these options corresponds to a unique model number, making it easy to quickly and effectively specify what is needed without concerns of clarity to other parties in the construction process.

A tech data sheet displaying the various Materials, heights, mounting styles, hardware and considerations for specifying Ironwoods element series restroom partitions.
Cut sheets are available explaining exactly what you get with each Element Series model.

There are hundreds of possible design combinations which can be explored with the toilet partition configurator tool

Why Choose the Element Series? 

The element series was designed to offer streamlined design, short manufacturing times, and increased material optimization. These optimizations both reduce waste and contribute to cost savings, which help keep a project within budget. 
Each model within the element series comes with comprehensive supporting documents and technical data sheets. Ensuring that the information needed to make informed decisions and understand exactly what is expected when specifying Ironwood is available. This uniformity in documentation reduces confusion, promotes consistency across teams, and helps to reduce rework due to un-answered questions down the line.

A detailed diagram displaying the various components of a door, including Restroom Partitions and highlighting the design features of the Element Series by Ironwood.
Tech data sheets give information on what to expect with every Ironwood Elements Series partition.

If substitutions are required, they also become more readily apparent with the element series. This early identification allows for smoother project progression and quicker resolution, saving both time and resources.

The Element Series screen displays the available door panel heights for Ironwood restroom partitions, and how other heights may require more consideration, or substitution to original design intent.
The toilet partition configurator informs you of design and engineering conflict, minimizing rework.

What the Element Series is Not 

Not every solution is perfect for every need. The element series does not represent all options, features, materials, or sizes available. It is a curated selection designed for those seeking faster design processes, predictability, and affordability without compromising Ironwood’s signature quality. 

While the element series offers a range of pre-defined options, Ironwood has always understood that some projects have unique requirements. Any element series model can be customized to meet these specific needs. However, customization can impact both the cost and lead time. For instance, opting for 74″ doors and panels instead of the standard 72″ can incur significant additional costs due to material yield and drawing times. 
Customization is inherently a detail-oriented process. Every custom design is a new precedent and requires consideration of how each component integrates with the system. This requires unique drawings to be created and additional review to ensure the standard of quality is maintained.

A custom drawing detail displaying the dimensions of an Ironwood bathroom door that has an intricate design.
Intricate designs requiring unique pieces to work in cohesion require longer drawing and approval times.

The Ironwood design consultation team is always ready to assist in navigating these options and crafting a custom solution that best fits the needs and scope of any project. 

The Value of the Element Series for Designers

When creating moods and themes for spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the tools and resources available can make a significant difference. The element series and accompanying toilet partition configurator tool is one such resource designed to support these endeavors. 

A list of documents available after selecting your choices in the Ironwood element series configurator and a detail showing the layout of the room with Restroom Partitions incorporated.
The partition configurator tool provides all data needed to effectively specify Ironwood products.

Useful Documentation Materials 

The element series comes with comprehensive documentation that can be used in both design team and client presentations. These materials provide clear, concise information about the chosen model, helping to communicate design intent effectively. 

Safety in Choice with Model Numbers 

The element series’ model numbers offer safety in choice. They are defined in almost every aspect except color and layout, simplifying the selection process and reducing the risk of errors. This clarity allows focus on the creative aspects of the project, ensuring the practical details are well taken care of.

Ironwood Element Series specification summary to easily copy and paste into any 3 part spec for  restroom partitions
Each Ironwood Element Series model comes with a copy and paste-able specification summary.

Expert Consultations 

As further support, Ironwood offers consultations with their partition design experts. They can answer questions and provide guidance on considerations for each model. This personalized support can help clarify any remaining questions or concerns. 

Relative Pricing 

Ironwood understands the importance of staying within budget while delivering high-quality designs. That is why they provide relative pricing for the element Series. This helps manage project budget expectations effectively and reduces the need for revisions, saving time and money. 

A Starting Point for Modifications 

The element series serves as an excellent starting point for modifications. Many requirements of made-to-order custom partitions are “standard,” and customization of a base model number can be done with a quick consultation. This flexibility allows anyone to tailor the base toilet partition model they need to their desired look without starting from scratch. 

The Benefits of the Element Series for Distributors 

The element Series was designed with division ten distributors in mind, it will allow distributors to clarify specifications and enhance their value offering to their customers.  

Safety Through Model Numbers 

Model numbers play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and clarity. When a specification calls for a specific model number from the element Series, there is confidence that the requirements are well-defined. This eliminates ambiguity, minimizes errors, and ensures customers receive exactly what they specified. 

Faster Lead Times and Better Pricing 

The element series enables faster production times meaning distributors can deliver products quicker leading to higher customer satisfaction. With this increased efficiency better pricing is also available.  

Color Options and Requotes 

While the element series brings numerous benefits, it is important to note one exception. Ironwood quotes with a standard cost laminate unless otherwise provided at the time of specification. When a specific color is chosen later in the design process, a requote may be required for premium of non-standard patterns. This is because pricing varies from color to color and manufacturer to manufacturer. While this may add an extra step to the process, it ensures the most accurate and competitive pricing for the chosen color. 

A vibrant display of Element Series color samples, showcasing various colors for Ironwood restroom partitions.
There are many color options to choose from beyond standard colors.

The element series represents a practical, cost-effective choice for those seeking the best balance between customization and efficiency. It simplifies processes without compromising on quality, and it’s a valuable tool that enhances the design process. It offers clarity, support, and flexibility, helping create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.