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European bathroom stalls in commercial restrooms
  |  Mar 17, 2023 

European Style Commercial Toilet Partitions


Mark Nielson
Owner, Ironwood Mfg

European Bathroom Stalls in Commercial Restrooms 

European bathroom stalls in commercial restrooms are partitions which feature:

  • A “clean” or “single plane” look, including flush surfaces and slab doors.
  • Reasonable privacy, meaning:
    • No “sight lines” into the stalls.
    • Minimal gaps at the walls, floor, ceiling, and between components. ADA requirements may define “minimal” floor gap for partitions.
    • Door and panel heights which are minimally 71.5” AFF or higher.
  • Hardware designed for minimal visibility (when viewed from the outside of the stall).
    • This includes no shoes on the support pilasters.
  • Material performance.
    • Material selection should consider floor gaps. Gaps less than 3” require moisture-resistant materials, such as compact laminate or solid surface due to increased contact with mops and cleaning fluids.

Considerations for European style partitions  

European bathroom stalls are a great restroom choice in. Here are some considerations to keep in mind: 

  • ADA standards may require 9” or even 12” gaps under doors and panels.
  • Fire suppression, air circulation, and lighting regulations may affect maximum heights.
  • The European style is not available in floor mount or ceiling hung mounting styles because these styles require shoes.
  • Wide pilasters may require multiple support pedestals at the floor.
  • Partitions made with high pressure laminate or veneers require a floor gap of at least 3”.
    • This is to avoid contact with mops and liquids, which may lead to the delamination of high pressure laminates and veneers.

Sample European Bathroom Stall Configurations 

Standard European 

  • Wood veneer 
  • Slab 71.5” doors 
  • 71.5” panels 
  • 9” floor gap 
  • Headrail braced mounting 
  • Zero Sightline 
  • Pedestals 
  • Occupancy indicator latch 
  • 8” bar pull

Upgraded European

  • High pressure laminate
  • Slab 84” doors
  • 84” panels
  • 4” floor gap (subject to ADA standards)
  • Headrail braced mounting with custom headrail (matching partition material)
  • Zero Sightline
  • Pedestals
  • Occupancy indicator latch
  • 8” bar pull
  • Powder coated hardware

All Gender European

  • Compact laminate
  • 84” doors and panels
  • Transoms
  • 1” floor gap (subject to ADA standards)
  • Not available in high pressure laminate or wood veneer
  • Floor to ceiling mounting
  • Zero Sightline
  • Pedestals
  • Occupancy indicator latch
  • 8” bar pull
  • Powder coated hardware
  • Full length brackets at walls and component connections
  • Concealed hinges