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Zero Sightline

Experience a whole new level of privacy.
Clean lines and state of the art engineering.

  • Innovative design eliminates gaps between the door and pilasters without mechanical strips or additives.
  • Available in wood veneer, plastic laminate, solid surface, phenolic, and plastic (HDPE).
  • Can be combined with European or Oversize options to increase privacy.
  • Hardware options can be used to remove other gaps, such as pilaster to panel gaps.
  • Investigate zero sightline options in our Configurator.
Things to

Things to Consider

Consider the following in association with zero sightline washroom partitions:

  • Some materials are not appropriate in wet areas.
  • Hardware selection should be appropriate for expected use.
  • Specific cleaning requirements vary by material.
  • Material availability may affect lead times.

If you have questions about any of these considerations, or have other concerns, please contact us.

Tech Data

Select from the following to download tech data sheets.

pdf symbolZero Sightline Tech Data
pdf symbolPaint Colors Chart
pdf symbolWood Species Chart

Available Options


Zero sightline partitions can be manufactured with the following materials:


Zero sightline partitions can be upgraded with the following options:

Style Options

Zero sightline partitions can be configured in any of the following styles:

Hardware Configurations

Hardware configurations available for zero sightline partitions include:

  • Integral hinges (solid plastic partitions)
  • Continuous piano style hinges
  • Surface mount hinges
  • Vault style pivot hinges
  • Continuous brackets

Hardware Finishes

The hardware finishes available for zero sightline partitions include:

  • Chrome
  • Clear anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coat

If you have further questions about options for molding, please contact us or see our Zero Sightline Data sheet.

Zero Sightline

Design Details

Privacy is the point of a restroom partition, but standard designs typically include a gap between the door and the pilasters. These gaps result in undesirable “sightlines” into the partition. Ironwood’s innovative Zero Sightline series eliminates these gaps, resulting in much more privacy.

In addition to this zero sightline option, privacy can be enhanced by selecting European or Oversize upgrades.

Continuous brackets are also available as a hardware privacy enhancement to remove gaps between the panels and walls.


If you have further questions about zero sightline partitions, please contact us or see our Zero Sightline Tech Data sheet.

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