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  |  Dec 23, 2021

Dog in the Night

Design "tipping points"

When I was a teenager my bedroom door never quite latched shut, which meant anybody could enter by simply pushing on the door. That was fine with me until our dog, Charlie, figured this out. After that, Charlie w...

  |  Nov 09, 2021

Incredibly Beautiful Materials (That May Not Work Well in Bathrooms)

Great materials in the wrong application

We understand the impulse. You go on vacation, stand among the most beautiful rock formation you’ve ever witnessed, and are inspired to incorporate that kind of grandeur into the bathroom space of your new buildi...

  |  Sep 30, 2021

Some Perplexing Things About Alcoves

And advice for their consideration

When it comes to layout options for bathroom spaces, designers have four general layout options to consider: in-corner, between wall, free-standing, and alcove. The first two layout options are the most common i...